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Need of Mobile Application for Business

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A recent survey says that more than 77% world’s population is online and it was found that nearly 80% of them prefer Smartphones over Laptops or Desktop for surfing the Internet. With the fast adoption of smartphones, businesses are getting more opportunities every single day that will radically change how their services or products are delivered and accessed. In a number of studies done by Oracle and Mobile-Smith proved that there are over 60% of users that prefer mobile apps over mobile websites for online purchases and services. So, it’s easy to say that if you are into a business that deals in selling products or providing services, then owning a Mobile App is more beneficial than a Responsive-Website.

Here, we highlight few business advantages of Mobile App:

1. Faster and Efficient

Mobile Applications are usually 1.5 times faster than the Mobile-Websites and their overall performance is also far better as business Apps are custom-built according to the business requirements. Moreover, Apps store data locally in mobile devices, in contrast to websites that generally use web servers. This enables them to easily retrieve the data and show the results faster. One more technical justification on this!
Mobile Applications run on a framework and websites use JavaScript to perform most of their functions. Frameworks are five times faster than JavaScript.

2. Online and Offline Access

Probably the most fundamental difference between Mobile Apps and Websites is that Mobile Apps can be accessed offline. Well, Applications also need internet connectivity to perform most of their actions but they allow the user to perform several actions via storing vital data that can be accessed offline. Let’s take the example of a Banking App. It can provide many features like Tax Calculation, Instalment calculation, and determination of loan limit. These features can be easily accessed while the user is offline. So, the ability to work offline makes using an App easier and more convenient than the website.

3. Use of Mobile Device Features

Mobile Applications have advantages of utilizing the various features of the Mobile device they are installed in. These are features like Camera, Contact list, GPS, Phone calls, Scanner for PDFs, QR and Bar code for Payments, Accelerometer, Compass and many more that can be utilized for numerous purposes which makes a user experience highly interactive and entertaining. These features can significantly shorten the time to perform a certain task in an App. For instance, we see many Apps that use mobile device’s fingerprint functions to secure their App. Thus, a Mobile App is more functional and secure than the Mobile Websites.

4. Notifications and Updates

The ability to send instant and non-intrusive notifications to an App is a major reason to build it for Enterprises and Businesses in the first place.
In Mobile Websites, users receive notifications only when they open the website on their mobile devices. But, in case of Mobile Apps, Push-Notifications are received on devices regardless of a user opening the app or not. In a study, push medium of notifications have 40% more click-through rates. Basically, when you get a notification from your app it is a Push-notification. Interestingly, there are third-party services that provide push notification services to mobile websites too. But, they have some limitations. They can perform only on specific-browsers and are not available for all websites. PushCrew is an example that offers services to send notifications to mobile websites.

5. Branding

Mobile Apps can be your Brand Ambassador because they are like portable billboards to your users. Companies can make an experiment with new branding styles for the app that are bound to attract more customers. The advantage here is certainly greater than what we get out of the regular branding style of a company’s website. In Addition to that, mobile apps allow users to customize their appearances as per user’s choice which in-turn helps in customer engagements towards products and services. Mobile Apps reinforce the brand by increasing the visibility of the company and their services. They act as a 24x7 salesman and a brand representative of your company.

6. Designing

Mobile apps don’t have restrictions as compared to websites. Websites rely on the browsers to function so the design is limited to the capability of a browser. But, Mobile Apps can be designed to support advanced features like gestures control where the user can tap, drag, pinch, hold, double-tap, and more that increases the user-friendliness. Therefore, Mobile Apps can be designed the way we want it to be, without depending upon the browser elements and caching problems.

7. Productivity

Mobile Applications benefits the communication between employees, vendors, and customers by sharing the resources in an effective manner that makes it way easy to place orders, give replies, or train users about products. Moreover, as you communicate directly with customers, your marketing and advertising expense is reduced exponentially. By using apps, we can save more time which increases productivity. As a report says, on an average, 7.5 hours per employee in a week are saved by using Mobile Apps and 82% of owners believe that it helps them to increase their sales and earn additional revenues. For more detail you can read our blog on How mobile Apps are efficient for the eCommerce Business.

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