Advantage of Making Mobile Friendly Website

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Advantage of making mobile-friendly-website

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After the update of "MobileGeddon" on 21st April 2015, it’s been a big call for any developers and website owners who haven’t been proactive enough to update their sites to be Mobile Responsive. That time a Marketing Company "Merkle" reported that almost top 500 retail companies and top 50% fortune companies didn't have a Mobile-friendly website. After that millions of companies raced to make their site Mobile-friendly.
A crowdsourced review forum company "Yelp" has reported that 55% from all searches are from Mobile devices and these numbers vary by industry, But recent surveys and increasing usability of mobile devices clearly show that people more consider mobile over Laptop or system. So, if you have a business and struggling to communicate with customers, Mobile friendly websites will help to enhance your business and make communication with Customers.

How Much mobile Friendly website Mattered!!

Web Development Company in Delhi

In October 2016, Mobile usability to browse the Internet officially surpassed desktop traffic. People have consistently accessed the internet through mobile phones instead of desktop or Laptop in the last three years and these numbers continue growing. It was predicted that mobile will account for 79% of traffic on the internet by the last of 2019. it means that only 20% of people will prefer a desktop version of your website. So, if you don't have a website that looks and work well on Mobile, People will simply stop visiting it in favor of a site that provides a better mobile experience.

Benefits of Mobile-friendly website

User Experience

John Lincoln, A Digital Influencer and CEO of Ignite Visibility said that "If the [Google] bot finds that your site is hostile to mobile users or loads very slowly, you’re definitely going to lose rank." Let's take an example- Suppose your friend sends you a link and when you tried to open that on your mobile device, you are presented with a jumbled load of unorganized garbage. what do you do after that???? Simply You quit and don't want to visit again on that site and it kills a chance of converting a visitor to customer.
If, the customer not able to browse and read the content of your website easily from their mobile device, he/she will be uninspired.

Easily available for Customers

In this Competitive and moving fast world, we have a limited amount of time to capture a visitor's attention. In the case of mobile devices, this is even more because users are using your website while leaving and going out. If a visitor is able to easily navigate the pages and read the content which is Mobile Friendly, Will definitely have more chances to convert visitors to customers.

Loading speed of website

As per a study, Mobile users abandon a page when it takes more than 6-10 seconds to load. A normal website that is not optimized will render slowly and in the worst scenario, it may not load at all. But a mobile-friendly website will load quickly because it has a structured code in a way that is compatible with Mobile which gives a customer a super experience. So, it's mattered that your website takes less time to load on mobile. Because time is precious as we all know.

Improved SEO

In November 2016, Google has made a big shift to mobile and when it declared that it would crawl the mobile version of websites before the desktop version. Moreover, Google is going to take its ranking signals from the Mobile version of your website instead of desktop Version. So, It's clear here that if you don't have a mobile-friendly or responsive website you lose the rank on SERPs.

Competitive Advantage over Competitors

It may be possible that your competitor is already ahead by a beautifully optimized mobile website, But in a recent survey out of the top 200 retailers, 68 Companies didn't have a mobile-friendly website. It means 1 out of 3. Well, we assume that this is a high number but certain industries are much more progressive in this regard. So, we recommend visiting the website of your competitor to see that they are mobile optimized or not. This is how you can get an idea of the landscape and where your company falls.

Walsoft helps to Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

  • If you are not sure that your website is mobile-friendly? Use google's Mobile-friendly Test.
  • If you want our help to analyze your target market and website analytics to determine whether the mobile redesign is right for you, then do not hesitate to contact with Emerging Web Development Company in Delhi. Leave us a Message for more datails.

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